Conditions for parking booking

  • It is only permitted to reserve a parking space here if you are a condominium owner or have rented one of the apartments 101-322 or 551-598 in Åre Fjällby.

  • The price is SEK 95/day until May 1 and then SEK 70/day until November 30.

  • It is possible to book two parking spaces per apartment, but the Supplier reserves the right to cancel one of the spaces up to one week before arrival.

  • •ATTENTION! When clearing snow, the car must be moved for 30 minutes.
    Snow removal is advertised on this website and via SMS 12 hours in advance if you have an active booking. Please check if snow removal is advertised on this website before parking.

  • •It is only permitted to book a parking space for class 1 cars. The only exception applies to class 2 cars (motorhomes) and trailers and then only in area M.

  • There are 20 charging points for electric cars in the area, where you can park temporarily while charging. The terms and conditions can be found here.

This is a summary of the terms and conditions which can be found in their entirety here: TERMS

Controls are carried out by Åre Fjällby AB, which in case of violation can issue control fees (parking fines).

Telefon: 070-551 59 58
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