Terms for payment and booking of Parking at Fjällbyvägens Samfällighetsförening

These conditions apply between Fjällbyvägens Samfällighetsförening, hereinafter referred to as the "Supplier", and the person who books / pays for parking himself or through another person, hereinafter referred to as "the Customer". Since the Supplier has delegated tasks to various partners, all partners contracted by the Supplier at any given time are included in the concept of the Supplier.

The booking / payment applies to the rental of a parking space at the Supplier. With the exception of parking area M, it is only permitted to park cars, class 1. For parking spaces M1-M6, it is also permitted to book space for cars, class 2, as well as for other vehicles including passenger trailers, provided that the length does not exceed 10 meters .

The Customer is obliged to follow the Suppliers rules of procedure for parking.

The Customer who does not comply with these regulations, the Supplier has the right to reject from the area.


Samfällighetsförening rents out parking spaces in Åre Fjällby which Åre Fjällby AB monitors. The purpose is primarily to create order and order, reduce search traffic and simplify snow removal. The fees will be used for operation and maintenance of the facility.

As the number of parking spaces is limited, only those who permanently or temporarily live in Åre Fjällby in any of the apartments 101-322 or 551-598 have the right to book a parking space with the Supplier. It is therefore a requirement that the apartment number is stated when booking.

Any abuse will lead to inspection fees issued by Åre Fjällby AB. The Customer is aware that all booking data is stored with the Supplier, who - even afterwards - can go through and issue a control fee to anyone who may have managed to book a parking space without being authorized.

Private individuals under the age of 18 are not allowed to book a place.


Payment must be made at the same time as booking for the booking to be valid.

Payment can only be made by bank or credit card (VISA or Mastercard). We hope to eventually be able to receive payment via Swish

What is included in the price

The price includes the rental of a parking space as well as the right to dispose of household waste and recyclable waste according to signage in places designated in the area.

Payment is made per started day. Daily price refers from 16:00 to 16:00 the following day.

Booking confirmation

Upon receipt of the booking confirmation, this must be checked, so that all information is correct. It is the Customer´s responsibility to ensure that the information on the booking confirmation is correct. Booking confirmation is sent via e-mail and as a text message (SMS). In the event of an error, the Supplier must be contacted within 7 days of receipt of the confirmation, but no later than 24 hours before arrival.

Cancellation of booked place

Before the start of the rental period, cancellations can only be made online via arefjallby.com

In case of cancellation, the entire rental amount paid will be refunded. Cancellations during an ongoing rental period can only be made via e-mail to . Thereafter, the full amount for the remaining non-commenced days will be refunded. The Supplier, however, reserves the right to halve the refund in the event of recurring cancellations from the same Customer.

Change of contact information for the Customer or the cars registration number

Changes to the cars registration number or contact information to the Customer must be notified no later than 24 hours before the start of the rental period via e-mail to parking.fjallbyn@gmail.com

Snow removal

The Customer is obliged to move a parked car for snow removal without compensation and for 30 minutes, but only on condition that the Supplier has sent a message via SMS with at least 12 hours notice. The customer is therefore obliged to enter an SMS number when booking and be monitored for incoming SMS.

From the time the SMS is sent out, the corresponding message will be available on arefjallby.comuntil the time has passed.

Charging point

Go to Charging Station

Charging of electric cars only permitted at the charging posts. Charging a car at another location in the area is strictly prohibited and leads to an inspection fee.

Booked but not used place

The customer is aware of his obligation to cancel a place for the time that is not used. It is of course permitted to be away with the car during the day, but if the Supplier notices that a booked place is not used at night, the Supplier may contact the Customer and cancel the booking.

Booking two parking spaces

It is possible to book a maximum of two parking spaces per apartment for the same time period. However, the supplier reserves the right to cancel one of the bookings in the event of a lack of space up to a week before arrival and notify the customer via SMS and e-mail.

Liability for property / causing damage

The supplier is not responsible for forgotten items.

The supplier is not responsible for damages or losses caused by outsiders.

The customer must take good care of the facility and follow the rules, instructions and regulations that apply.

The use of personal data

By using this website, you agree to Fjällbyvägens Samfällighetsförenings Data Policy.

Breach of contract

This is an agreement established between the Customer and the Supplier. The agreement expires with immediate effect if:

If a breach of contract occurs, the Customer and company must immediately move from the area. In the event of destruction or disruptive behavior, damages may be claimed by the Customer.

Force majeure

In the event of war, natural disasters, strikes and other events that are to be regarded as force majeure, the Supplier may terminate the agreement, whereby the Customer shall be notified as soon as possible. In such cases, the supplier's obligation is limited to repaying the amount paid for the period that can thus not be used

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